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We Are Franklin Regional!

Franklin Regional SignI am sure by now you all know what happened in our school district yesterday. I am blessed that my own children are younger, and while my son goes to Middle School his involvement was limited to a minor inconvenience.

And so yesterday was a surreal experience of watching video of my neighborhood plastered across the national news. Talking to friends and acquaintances who had been directly affected, and today we are praying for Baseball Fieldsthe full recovery of the victims, and all our children to have a safe, uneventful day at school.

You have now seen our community from the helicopters flying overhead. I wanted to start this morning by showing you what our community looks like when the news isn't here, because Murrysville, is more than just this incident, and our school district is more than just the site of violence. After the story has left, we still have a story to tell here in our hometown.

crowfoot road

What you hear on the news isn't the story of our school or our community. There are days I have looked out at the soccer fields, baseball games, fireman's fair or just driven through the area and the only word I can come up with the describe the community is "idyllic", one of those throw back places when kids can still play outside without supervision and the neighbors watch out for each other. Franklin Regional is one of the best school districts in the Pittsburgh area and kidshouses are encouraged to work hard and have fun. 

As the news speculates about motives, and the school environment, and Facebook lights up with opinions of what should or should not have been done, from the ground I can tell you that our school district was on top of the situation, our administrators and security at the school true heroes, and our kids showed real character. I sent my son off on the bus this morning with a certain amount of trepidation (he told me I was being silly), so I hugged him tight and told him I loved him. Yesterday was Fairterrible but I have confidence in our school district and our community. We are Franklin Regional and we are going to be just fine!



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